Not exactly the same. We are here to say "there are three types of direct transport. One is the transport of goods without the territory of the beneficiary country, also is a non-stop, direct arrival; two is the goods after one or more non beneficiaries of the territory, but it can justify the transit solely for geographical reasons or commercial transportation requirements, and can prove that the goods in the transport process in the non within the territory of the beneficiary country, trade or consumption, and in addition to handling and to keep the goods in good condition and simple treatment to accept, without any other treatment; the three is the non beneficiaries of imported goods for transport agreement rate, should be required to import customs, on these matters that the consignee of import goods shall be submitted in transit issued by the customs or other certification materials. The customs of our country on this specific provisions, in addition to the mainland and Hong Kong on the establishment of Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement "not allow Hong Kong products by third party transport and by the preferential trade agreements non member countries or regions transhipment of through cargo transportation enjoy agreement rates of goods, to the sea Guan Shen timekeeping, and shall submit issued by the customs of the country or region non reprocessing documents and since members of the preferential trade agreement after departure of the carrying vessel facelift transport to China 's full provided (waybill), or you can't enjoy the agreement rates.

The beneficiary countries issued the certificate of origin style, government agencies use the signature and seal impressions are to be in the record of the General Administration of customs, if provided by the consignor certificate and record any discrepancies, the customs may refuse to accept the certificate. But for the certificate of origin issued by Chile customs no longer verify the signature, and the requirements of the "original" seal. In addition, according to the Chinese customs regulations, the certificate of origin of preferential tariff rates shall be embodied in the code of import goods, and the code of the importing country must be filled in. Certificate of origin of the code is not China's tariff lines, the certificate of origin six digit harmonized code must and agreement rates for six of the same number, can enjoy tax rate agreements.

A certificate of origin can only correspond to a declaration, can not be reused and successive deduction. For this special case has multiple electronic data network of the certificate of origin corresponds to a batch of goods, the declaration should be divided into single reporting.

Because of the rules of origin of the preferential trade agreement applicable to the provisions of the time limit for the certificate of origin is not the same, for the case after the certificate of origin of the certificate of origin may also be different. China ASEAN Free Trade Area rules of origin, for example, are mainly divided into the following two cases: one is the import of the certificate of origin has been submitted to the customs and excise. In this regard, due to the import goods within the prescribed time limit has the actual import, certificate of origin of the deadline for the submission can be unrestricted can in some time after import to the customs in arrears certificate of origin, customs in accordance with the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Agreement is levied, charged shall be refunded. Two is imported without certificate of origin, but go through within the prescribed time limit. According to in accordance with the provisions of the rules of the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the rules of origin of the visa procedures "(10: in special circumstances, such as due to non subjective intentional error, omission or other reasonable reasons not in the export of the goods or export immediately issued certificate of origin, origin certificate can reissue within a year in the date of shipment, but marked" replacement ". Within a year the owner can reissue the certificate of origin to the Customs for customs tax refund, overdue will not be accepted.